-     Sustainability is a hot topic but is also confusing. Why?

There is not one explanation or one way to a sustainable future.

We can help you to create a clear view of how you can contribute to a more sustainable future.     -

kiem x you.

You have a brilliant idea or product but you don't know what to do with it? We can help you to create a direction for your ideas. From sustainability to process feasibility and marketing, we understand all those values and the importance of it. Together we can bring your ideas to life! Interested? Do not hesitate and contact us.

You already have a product but you want something different, due to changing markets or the value of sustainability, we could provide you with advice on different subjects. We can consult on different aspects of sustainability within the packaging process and conduct research for a more suitable solution to pack your product.

There is a product but you do not have a packaging solution yet. We can help you create an excellent pack for your product. We understand the different aspects, from the demand for sustainability to feasibility and marketing value of packaging. To empower our vision of the newly developed packs we create could 3D visuals, basic graphic design, mock-up design and working prototypes.


Are you a start-up or a big company? Our door is always open. You are always welcome to chat about what we can mean for each other.

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Désirée Versteeg
  • Middel 4-8
  • Middel 3-8

* Food & Packaging Designer

* Furniture Design & Joinery

+ 3D- Visualisation


+ Functionality

Timo Huipen

* Food & Packaging Designer

* Manager Ecology & Wildlife


+ Critical view on sustainability

+ Feasiblity

+ Multidisciplinary

  • Middel 3-8
  • Middel 4-8

-     “No more plastic!” No, that is not the right way. We need to have a critical view on every material.

Glass, paper, plastic and other materials all have their positive and negative sides.     -